Energized Thinking.

At Piston Group we embrace every challenge as an opportunity to spark progress. We overcome obstacles and navigate uncharted paths with confidence and a shared vision of success. We harness the knowledge from our deep bench of solutions experts. It's this kind of energized thinking that propels winning solutions for our customers. And when our customers win, we all score points to grow employment, invest in new technology, and contribute to our communities. So go ahead and challenge us. Ignite our passion to win.

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Piston Group Sparks Movement for the Future at Michigan Avenue

Detroit manufacturing proposal brings jobs for advanced mobility solutions.

Piston Group, founder and CEO Vinnie Johnson has a vision for a Michigan Avenue plant built for innovation and advanced manufacturing. Changing the momentum in a global competition to attract high tech jobs and deliver world-class manufacturing has become the signature of Vinnie Johnson leadership.

Our Brands

Coming Together With a Shared Vision

Piston Automotive

As the world’s largest Value Add Assembly supplier, we build world-class assemblies for top manufacturers, and have become a world-class center of assembly innovation. We create solutions and breakthroughs. But at the end of the day, what we really create is value. And that has become our purpose.

Irvin Products

We apply decades of experience in automotive interior technologies to provide design, engineering, and manufacturing solutions to a multitude of industries spanning the globe. Our commitment to excellence began with innovative engineering and design earning us the reputation as an industry leader.

Detroit Thermal Systems

We believe that delivering automotive comfort and building customer confidence both begin with exceptional manufacturing. We develop and manufacture high quality climate control systems and components, employing a diverse workforce that utilizes state-of-the-art technology and proven manufacturing methods.

Innovation + Creativity

The Building Blocks of Our Success

When you apply creativity and innovation to every aspect of your business, you are able to stay ahead of a changing marketplace and the competition. When you partner with a Piston Group company, you gain more than just fresh ideas and perspectives, you gain competitive advantage.

Leveraging deep knowledge in design through manufacturing excellence, our solutions teams thrive on technical challenges. From reducing C02 emissions with advanced battery technology, to crafting a signature interior for the next electric vehicle, we have you covered. Part passion and part engineering marvel, every solution is nurtured from discovery to invention and manufacturing creation.


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